Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Hello. to myself. to who had read this.
This year 2016, I did not really excited for Chinese New Year. Maybe I am getting older or getting bored with the celebration. But anyway, once a year, for the past year it is not a really good year for me. Of cause I don’t hope for the best this year, but at least better than previous one.
Ya, so I guess really is a better year for me because I able to get back my money that I got credit card phone call scammed.

WHAT A SURPRISED!!!! I am the LUCKIEST among those victims. *ahem*
(I might write another post about it to let me REMEMRED i got myself become a victim for a phone scam –_-)

                       Celebrating CNY with Limited Edition SuperDry T shirt and angpowsssss =D

                                                               My sister and I selfie.
***PS. I do wear short pant, just that shirt too long D=

Anyway, February is my birthday month too. I celebrated it at Taiwan. Like a 10 days trip, more like a 10 days eating trip. I go for the trip, really is purely going to relax and just do nothing. Like exactly nothing-at-all =D Since CNY had a short break like 3 days.
But you know la, since the beginning of February, not much people got the mood to work, especially I planned my trip on the same month, probably like I worked for a week and I get paid =D *champion*
I fly to Taiwan on my birthday and by the time I get there and settle down is already evening. So, just went down and search for food to eat. That night is a bit windy and raining. So just walk down 2 streets and found a small shop looks like Japanese Ramen house. I ordered a Cha-Shu Ramen with bean paste soup I think.

Since is quite cold, so they provided a small stove-like with “candle-light” to keep the ramen warm. BUT ACTUALLY, the more you eat the noodle, the noodle is getting more hot. really. no. joke.
Although is not a famous shop or a big restaurant, it taste really good. Or Maybe I am Just Too Hungry At That Time.

Their 7-11 is like heaven? Or maybe our 7-11 just not so fancy as them だけ. I can even buy Godiva chocolate at their 7-11. Maybe Taiwan and Japan are near to each other, the 7 – 11 there can easily get a lot Japanese sweets and foods or any daily use item. WHAT IS THIS? They even got alkaline 9.0 water sold there. =O
I don’t remember the sequence of the food to eat. But that’s for all about this post. I will try to separate those I remember where I ate and compile one post that I don’t remember where I ate.
So that’s for now.


Thursday, October 24, 2013


=D!!!!!!!! OMG right! Finally I had my convo’s pictures.
I never ever had been so happy on this day since I born till now. Why? All my hard work or can say it as "I am lucky enough to graduate” HAHA!
Can you image a person like me that lazy study, had freaking short term memory able to graduate in Finance and Marketing?!
If not mistaken, I think my convocation is at Prince Hotel.

All I remember was we had to queue for very long time and waited for so long, so thirsty, high heels is killing my legs and hungry! OMG! But Imagine that I still able to smile like that, I think I am really happy girl in that moment.
A sort of cropped large group photo. Me and my best buddy – Maggie. =D Is been my bb’s wallpaper since then till now.

Is me! Is MEEEEE and my “bao bao lian” (Chubby face)!  My brother bought that flower for me. =D Thanks bro!
My first finance lecturer – Raymond Cross. Which also the only lecturer like to ask me a lot question during class time. =O
My second finance lecturer – Nick Wong (also incharge of my Senior Project). >.< I think he look like student instead. /.\
Tallest guy in my course – L (why L? I don’t know)
Tallest girl in my course – Yvonne. She also on high heels. That’s the different between us. HAHA!
3 Chubby faces. =D

Is all for now!!

Friday, July 19, 2013

The little thing

Although I think is a bit late. But, I think I still need to jot down to remind myself keep going and reach my goal.

Now, I wish I would achieve my small little goal:-


1. Be Positive

2. Do Not Blame

3. More Hardworking

4. Improve communication

5. To study at least an hours a day

6. Think twice before do things

7. Sleep early!

8. Most Important is to EXERCISE atleast twice a week!!!!


In Order to not delay, Let’s begin today! =)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pissed. Fucking piss.

Okay. Since 2013, is not really a beginning year. But well, I know I should be more positive towards those negative things that coming up to me.

I know my temper is not really good. But I am trying to be good and controlling it. Seriously, I think I need to have a more positive thinking and the point of view needed to be change. I am learning to be more optimistic and more motivated. Need to bring inspiration to other people so the worlds will get better ATLEAST the working culture can change.


In the pass few months, I getting more busy and I feel myself is more productive. In the mean time, I am very tired, more like exhausted. But I am really enjoying it.

This few days, my dog like to bark in the middle of the night it makes me cant sleep well at night. So, yesterday night I bring him up to my room and he conquer my bed =O



His position is so damn good and took my pillow. =O


Look! How he sleep! Chio kawaii !!!!


Ok. I guess I need to back to work.





Thursday, January 17, 2013

Resolution 2013

=D, I think my resolution will be totally different from last year since last year my resolution is more like a wishlist to me.

I would like to set few goals for myself to achieved this year.

1. To be very thankful to whatever I have now. *DO IT EVERYDAY*

2. To be a step nearer to where I want to be in terms of career.

3. To be able to start a different type of business.

4. To read more books!

5. To improve my Japanese!

6. Go more outing activities.

7. To be more discipline.

8. Do more exercise!

9. Only healthy food allow for my stomach! *ahem* maybe sometimes a little bit of pizza?

10. Blog more about my life. Felt that is a waste that not writing down what fun things had happen to me and feel nostalgic when I recall back. =’(

11. To be more positive thinking!

12. Can make someone get inspire in life like I do now. =D


Last but not least, be my own self. =)


Night. =)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcoming 2013

Is been awhile again.

During 2012, attending wedding dinner like madness.


Colleague’s wedding on the Thursday night. So rush after working. –.-“


Cousin’s wedding dinner. At SS2 Mall. ZOMG. 1 dish need to wait 30 minutes and is so pack!


Lame face for waiting too long. D=


Aside of wedding dinner, my grandpa celebrating is 80th Birthday Lunch at Tropicana Golf Club House.

We, the three so call organize for the birthday event. =D Is a very tired and very stress day. Lucky the Emcee and Chinese Orchestra went well! Phew.


Snake out during birthday lunch. So tired inside the hall. –.-

Other than just attending those event, I actually had a long chat with my besties – Carmen. =D


She always have this hair style. I think suit her attitude and so cool forever.


My sister attended the H&M grand opening at Lot10. I order her to help me take a picture with Cheeserland. =D

Then my sister asked me “who is she with the mickey mouse head” D= I was like “OMG, YOU DONT KNOW HER? NOT EVEN YOUR FRIEND? your friend should know her right? She is Malaysian FAMOUS FASHION BLOGGER LEH!

My sister goes “ooooooohhhhh, She dont know.” –____-


Here come my first picture of 2013!!! =D Happyyyyyyy.

I feel so grateful for 2012. As I really desperate and making my future path in 2012. And when come to the end of 2013, I had  a lot business opportunity to offer me. And I think my law of attraction is working better now. =D

So do I have wishlist for 2013 like last year? I would say yes as in a list of goal that I want to achieve instead of a shopping list. =)

Cya soon. Lots of love to you guys. =D <3




Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Game

I personally hate the game named “The Relationship”.

The reason:

1. Accept him/her everything include the bad habit or attitude.

(People always said “if you love him, you should able to accept how he is. Hello, People! We are not God, We DONT AND WONT ACCEPT THE BAD HABIT OR ATTITUDE OF others people. IF you think you are, then have you criticize or talk bad behind your classmate,coursemate, housemate or even friends when you don’t like them? So if yes, please don’t act holy in this realistic society. You have to make sure that couple is not a MUST to accept the bad habit of each other. Of cause, different people have different limit and point of view of the “bad habit’ or “attitude problem”, that is where we can choose what is the so call bad habit and attitude problem that we able to accept. So, the process here usually people will say to you “aiyo, why you so picky, choosy, high taste, high requirement wan?)

2. Tolerance

After accept the faith and fate of yourself that he/she is your Mr. or Ms. Right, in this section, what ever he do or she do you also will try to tolerate la. Right? Then also know la, people like to take this as granted and they will think that is the right to do this and that and you should accept them.

3. Point of view

I always believe that if a couple that always had different kind of view that both cannot accept by each other, will always argue among the small matter.

4. The Right One

how to define as the right one? you know you without him/her you cant live the rest of your life? that is so fucking bullshit that I personally think. Say a guy reach the age of 26 and meet this girl, and telling the girl without her, he cant live. The girl definitely will fall for the words. Hello, xiao mei mei, without you, he also live for 26 years already. We girls, don’t fall for such words la har. (If you think I am cold-hearted, please be it and tell me I am not worth to be in a relationship and let guys to pamper me, because I won’t care to explain to you, and even explain you also won’t understand)

5.  The One that Love More than The Other One

In a fight between a couple, and the first one who admit he/she is wrong. Then you will lose the game, and the future fight will never win and you will be the always lose. So the one who love more than another one, will be the loser for the game.

6. Breaking up

Okay, I am not saying that breaking up is relationship that have to go through. But, I personally thinks that, in this decades, who never breaks up in their relationship before la? If anyone who reading this and never breaks up please let me know. I really want to know how. The process of breaking up, is seriously the most headache part for me – personally. I been through few relationship also comes to the end. ok ok, you think i am play girl right? Just think whatever is feels right. I also got let people dump before la kay. The most happy one – both agreed to end the relationship. Another type – scolding you a slut a bitch a player and accept the fact that we never able back together. Intermediate type – after scolding you all the 4 letter words and foul language then beg for forgiveness for doing so and accept the fact that we broke up. The advance type – asking all the reason why we are breaking up and explain his/herself and scolding you for not understanding his/her situation, then beg for forgiveness and request to give chances to change and digging out all the history and compare to current telling you they are different from the pass and still not accepting that the VERY TRUE FACT - WE NEVER ABLE BACK TOGETHER.

Out of the 4 types, I think the most hard to settle is the advance type la.

7. The Fall In Love

The process of falling in love is not that hard. Is depends on you have the courage to fall for it or not. But the moment you fall for it, you probably will go through the 6 reason above or maybe 5 exclude the breaking up, you able to handle it?  Do you have enough courage to fall for it and handle it all. If all of above you been go through then you probably will starting from this again and go through all of above again and again and waiting for the Mr./ Ms. Right to appear and end the process.