Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Hello. to myself. to who had read this.
This year 2016, I did not really excited for Chinese New Year. Maybe I am getting older or getting bored with the celebration. But anyway, once a year, for the past year it is not a really good year for me. Of cause I don’t hope for the best this year, but at least better than previous one.
Ya, so I guess really is a better year for me because I able to get back my money that I got credit card phone call scammed.

WHAT A SURPRISED!!!! I am the LUCKIEST among those victims. *ahem*
(I might write another post about it to let me REMEMRED i got myself become a victim for a phone scam –_-)

                       Celebrating CNY with Limited Edition SuperDry T shirt and angpowsssss =D

                                                               My sister and I selfie.
***PS. I do wear short pant, just that shirt too long D=

Anyway, February is my birthday month too. I celebrated it at Taiwan. Like a 10 days trip, more like a 10 days eating trip. I go for the trip, really is purely going to relax and just do nothing. Like exactly nothing-at-all =D Since CNY had a short break like 3 days.
But you know la, since the beginning of February, not much people got the mood to work, especially I planned my trip on the same month, probably like I worked for a week and I get paid =D *champion*
I fly to Taiwan on my birthday and by the time I get there and settle down is already evening. So, just went down and search for food to eat. That night is a bit windy and raining. So just walk down 2 streets and found a small shop looks like Japanese Ramen house. I ordered a Cha-Shu Ramen with bean paste soup I think.

Since is quite cold, so they provided a small stove-like with “candle-light” to keep the ramen warm. BUT ACTUALLY, the more you eat the noodle, the noodle is getting more hot. really. no. joke.
Although is not a famous shop or a big restaurant, it taste really good. Or Maybe I am Just Too Hungry At That Time.

Their 7-11 is like heaven? Or maybe our 7-11 just not so fancy as them だけ. I can even buy Godiva chocolate at their 7-11. Maybe Taiwan and Japan are near to each other, the 7 – 11 there can easily get a lot Japanese sweets and foods or any daily use item. WHAT IS THIS? They even got alkaline 9.0 water sold there. =O
I don’t remember the sequence of the food to eat. But that’s for all about this post. I will try to separate those I remember where I ate and compile one post that I don’t remember where I ate.
So that’s for now.


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